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Since 1903, some of America's hardest-working men and women have joined together for an influential voice on worker rights.  Union workers stand united to ensure that their work is met with the dignity and respect they deserve. With solidarity as union members, we can attain the essentials in life such as Healthcare Coverage, Retirement Security, and Education in Collective Bargaining Agreements.

  • Affordable Healthcare Coverage — Construction can be dangerous work, and the men and women who build America should be able to go to work every day knowing that if they or their family become sick or injured, they will be taken care of without suffering financial hardship.

  • Pension Benefits for a Secure Retirement — After a lifetime of hard work building America, the men and women of the construction industry deserve a secure retirement. LIUNA's pension funds are among the best-performing in the nation, meaning our members can trust that the hard-earned money set aside for the future will be there when they retire.

  • Training and Education — The nationally recognized LIUNA training program is our members' passport to a better life and new opportunity. LIUNA members have year-round access to free training that equips them with updated skills and safety standards to remain competitive in the workforce.

Local 1156 constructs, builds, and maintains the infrastructure we use every day but often take for granted. The work done by laborers surrounds us every day. Local 1156 members perform the type of work that can affect the daily routine of commuters when a water main or a pothole needs repair. Only when the daily routine gets disrupted, do we appreciate the maintenance work performed by the Laborers.

When we leave the office to head home, there are Laborers arriving for the night shift to perform security, custodial, and maintenance services. The maintenance and service of America's infrastructure is vital and sometimes dangerous work. Hazards can occur on the job, but they will not deter the Laborer, who has extensive training in industry safety standards and regulations. Laborers understand that the different types of work they perform will provide citizens with public safety and health, peace-of-mind, and convenience while ensuring to spur economic growth and stability. Local 1156 workers are employed in the following counties and perform a specific type of work.

Collecting Bargaining Agreements: